The Real World

By Andrew Tate

The 1# Business Education Platform To Starting And Scaling Your Own Online Business



Hustler’s University – the worlds biggest financial education platform got even better!

After helping thousands to escape their 9-5, it was time for step 2 of our 3 step plan: ‘The Real World’ is a financial education platform that will disrupt the modern education system forever.

Hustlers University

The Real World

New app, new teachings.

Hustlers University – The biggest financial education platform worldwide got even better!

All video courses, tutorials, lessons, the platform & more, have been completely reconstructed
 and improved to further maximize your students success.

Our own custom-made app.

With our new independent platform, we can finally teach things we could never teach before – 100% uncensored!

It’s time expose the lies and teach you how making money really works. Quit the rat-race! We’ll show you the way out.


Inside ‘The Real World’ we teach multiple modern wealth creation methods that everyone can master – no matter how old you are or much time and money you have.


Private label

Sell profitable products online.

Industry experts will train you to find winning products, create the perfect store, and generate traffic on your sites.

Whether you’re interested in dropshipping or private labeling, we streamlined the whole process from having zero experience to owning a profitable online store.

Amazon FBA

Amazon Affiliates
Print on demand

Sell products with FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon)

This means you sell products online, but Amazon handles the rest, from warehousing products, fulfilling their orders, shipping them out, etc. All you need to do is get people to click “buy”.

We’ll teach you how to find the most profitable products and dominate your competition.


Email Copy
Website Copy
Ad Copy

Master the art of selling with words.

When you read the words on websites, emails, or ads… those words were the work of a copywriter.

We’ll teach you how to master the art of copywriting and secure a list of loyal, high-paying clients.


Basic economics
Stock options
Macro strategies
Trading signals

Multiply your capital through the stock market.

We’ll train you to use technical analysis to find situations where there’s a higher upside than the downside in the markets.

You’ll profit from such opportunities by trading stocks and options.


Email outreach
Web skills
Social media marketing

Make money selling your skills.

You’ll learn how to get paid a premium price to complete simple tasks, like designing logos, translating eBooks, editing videos, managing social accounts, creating websites, etc.

And then we’ll teach you the most effective methods to build a list of loyal clients.


Trading signals

Profit from the world’s highest-performing assets.

We’ll focus on attacking crypto markets from 3 angles: Long-term, medium-term, and short-term investments.

We will help you identify which style of investing is best suited to your personality, financial status, and investing time horizon.

Business & Finance

Master the fundamental skills of business.

We’ll teach you every skill the hyper successful entrepreneur of tomorrow needs to master.

Learn how to intelligently manage your time & money, lead a team, network and more.

Time Management
Taxes & Accounting

New skills

We now have our own payment processors, our own servers, our own banks. Without any Matrix-controlled infrastructure, we can finally teach you new methods of wealth creation that we couldn’t disclose at Hustler’s University.


Just follow the recipe.

Trying to orient in the jungle of information on the internet can often be frustrating.

The Real World will provide you with simple step-by-step tutorials that even a 12 year old can follow.

Learn from dedicated millionaire coaches.

Each one of our Professors made at least $1M profit using the methods they teach in our Curriculum.

Their teachings come from experience, not theory.

They are all hyper-motivated to provide you with constant mentoring throughout your entrepreneurship.

Suited for beginners & advanced.

No matter if you’re a 9-5 worker with no experience or an entrepreneur looking take his business to the next level, we only have 3 requirements:


We receive hundreds of positive reviews daily, here are some of them:


1. A wide range of simple step-by-step video courses & tutorials.

You’ll get access to 20+ video courses and dozens of well-structured tutorials covering everything form the fundamentals of each business model to advanced strategies.

Left with questions? No problem! Our coaches will take of you.

2. Daily AMA'S & live-sessions with dedicated millionaire coaches.

Each one of our coaches made at least $1M profit using the methods they teach in our Curriculum.

They are all hyper-motivated to provide you with constant mentoring throughout your entrepreneurship by answering all of your questions and giving you personalized advice.

3. An exclusive community of over 150.000+ like-minded students.

Our online community is a supportive, high-focus environment. Everyone is on the same mission: acquiring an abundance of wealth.

You can use our community chatgroups to ask questions, get motivated and exchange information with other students.


If you’re serious about starting your online business, ‘The Real World’ is the only resource you need.

It is the ultimate all-in-one learning platform guiding you from making your fist dollar online to scaling into a multi-millions dollar business.

Now, you have two options...

Play the video to see them

Pay $27 now, save $100 every month!

Once we have processed all Pre-Orders to enter our new app, the entry price will increase to $147 a month.

But today?

Today is your last chance to lock in your $49.99 monthly membership with a $27 purchase.

Get full access

$49 one-time payment.

$49.99 every month afterwards.




The price will increase to $147 a month, it’s your last chance.


You must understand that you were programmed. It's a perfect time to escape it and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course not.

You are here to learn. Just follow our step-by-step lessons and guidance, and you will start a profitable business.

It depends on how seriously you take The Real World.

But many students made their money back in a couple of weeks.

It really doesn’t.

Instead of getting the newest videogame just to find it boring in a week, you can shock your friends and family by becoming the kid who’s leveling up in real life.

Our Rule #1 is SPEED.

The methods we teach are designed for rapid execution.

So all you need is a minimum of 30 minutes a day to listen to your professors and apply what you’ve learned.

Not at all.

At HU, we teach how to make money online, so it doesn’t matter where you are.

Your location will only change the currency of your earnings.

The Real World is a massively upgraded version of Hustlers University.

It is an online business education platform that teaches over 120.00+ students how to start and scale their own online business.

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